Grant advice for companies

Grant advice

Often, as an entrepreneur or organisation, you have plenty of good ideas but lack time and resources. Know that there are numerous initiatives that can give you that push.

Konnekto helps you turn ideas into viable projects and generate the necessary funding. Its extensive network and expertise in numerous sectors will also give you valuable insights and potentially generate new partnerships.

Grant audit

Every grant project starts with a clear overview of grant opportunities and the screening of eligibility criteria. This involves first mapping out your organisation and its future ambitions. The available subsidy instruments and other funding channels are matched with your situation. We agree on which route is feasible and realisable within the context of your own organisation before proceeding to the actual application. We closely monitor the various opportunities (European, Flemish, federal, etc.), so you do not miss out on any benefits at every stage of your business.

Application for grants A-Z

We guide you through the grant application from A to Z. A clear project methodology is agreed with clear deadlines, so that the grant is submitted in a high-quality manner. Thanks to our extensive network, we can also help establish partnerships. Furthermore, we are familiar with negotiations with subsidising bodies in order to lay down clear agreements on the subsidy granted. In short, you do not have to worry about the quality of the subsidy and its timely submission.

Grant monitoring & project guidance

Once the funding is approved, we offer you project approach support to ensure the project stays on track (achieving objectives) and guide you with flawless reporting.

Tax optimizations

A lot of tax breaks exist for innovative companies to engage in research and development. In addition, other benefits exist depending on the stage of your business (e.g. for remodelling). We show you the way and offer substantive support where needed.